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Virtual Service

We provide you with the tools to manage service anywhere at anytime without ever having to employ a single technician. All you need is a dispatcher to monitor tickets and incoming service requests. If you prefer not to monitor or manage anything, then Miracom can handle national dispatch for you, and all your other back-office support needs. We can make service as virtual as you need it to be.

National Dispatch

Miracom has the capabilities to manage all back office responsibilities, thereby enabling our customers to deliver virtual service. Our dispatchers can handle thousands of print devices, can ramp up easily to support growth initiatives, and have the experience to manage print as a process.

They’re constantly looking at over and under utilization reports, yield calculations, consumable replenishment dates, real-time alerts and error codes, service level agreements, first-time fix ratios, and other factors that enable a stream-lined approach to print management and increased operational efficiencies. They know how to increase tech-to-call ratios, and manage performance issues with the service providers to whom they turn for service support. They do not simply dispatch calls. This is a value-added service we’re capable of providing.

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