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The Miracom Solution is All About Value!

No other solution in the marketplace provides you with the versatility, flexibility, and overall value that you get with Miracom!

We enable you to:

Cost Management

Cost Management is the most strategic solution in the marketplace today! It is an outsourcing service by which you take on full responsibility for your customer’s print environment, including all of the costs associated with repair, maintenance, equipment, and supplies.

Billing is based on a cost-per-page rate. That rate factors in all possible costs associated with managing your customer’s print environment. Included in that rate is a small amount of margin.

Your goal is to manage your customer’s print environment as if it were your own. If you mis-manage it, you lose your margin. If you improve processes, lower costs, avoid unnecessary expenditures, and make wise decisions, then your margins increase substantially, as well as further cost savings you can pass onto your customers.

We teach you how to sell and service Cost Management solutions!

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