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MiraPage and MiraPlus are automated by a proprietary software. We give you two ways to access this software. One is through an appliance we call the Magic 1500, the other is Magic Soft — a version of the application you can download right from your computer!

The Magic 1500 is one of the most IT-friendly, security-centric solutions in the market. It can be installed in minutes. Other than your customer placing the appliance in their server room, and plugging it into their network, the Magic 1500 requires virtually no customer support.

Magic Soft and the Magic 1500 are used for locating and tracking information from networked print devices using SNMP. This data is transmitted to a server where it is stored, compiled into a relational database, from which information can be retrieved and, subsequently, analyzed to manage and optimize a print environment. Data from non-networked print devices can be manually entered into the database.

Miracom’s IT department will talk with your prospects and with your customer’s IT personnel, whenever you request us to, in order to make them as comfortable as possible with the integrity of our solution. There is no easier solution to get installed in the market!

Miracom’s Perspective of Market Technology Solutions (PDF 200k)

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