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Once you list yourself in the Service Directory, you gain instant access to MiraPage and MiraPlus. You can use them whenever and however you like. You are only billed when you use the application to service a client.

There are no fees for signing-up to list your company in the Service Directory. If you choose to be listed in the Directory, you agree to allow us to distribute your name, contact information, fees, and other corporate information in order for service providers to make decisions and recommendations related to you and the services you provide.

Once you begin the sign-up process you can always chose not to list yourself in the Directory, if all you’re interested in is MiraPage or MiraPlus. This is your solution. Use what you want, when you want. This is not a long-term contract. You can discontinue service anytime for any reason.

However, we believe you will find the value we provide a reason to use our application with all of your customers for a very, very long time.

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