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The Most Scalable Solution In The Market

With our tools and competitive pricing, you can support small and large print environments alike, whether an account has less than 10 print devices, more than 10,000, or anything in between. Meet current customer needs, and expand your offering as their requirements change. Start with basic meter reads and remote monitoring, add real-time alerts and ticket management, then move them toward a cost-per-page program with consumable yield reports and financial data. Whether it’s time-and-material or corporate print management, we give you the flexibility to manage your customers how they want to be managed.

We also provide you with one interface to manage all your accounts at once. You will not need multiple dispatchers monitoring multiple computer screens. All new tickets come into one location for monitoring. You will have access to aggregated data with drill-downs to individual print devices. Manage hundreds of accounts and thousands of print devices with one dispatcher. We can meet any resource requirement you have, and more.

Our Magic 1500 hardware appliance can even be moved from client-to-client from prospect-to-prospect at any time for any reason with no additional costs, expense, or operational requirements.

And by leveraging our Global Service Directory and N-Tier Ticketing capabilities, you can support any client worldwide. If you currently manage the print environment of a small division of a national or multi-national corporation, rest assured you can pursue, prospect, and manage the entire account with Miracom. Not only does our application scale, but we enable you to scale as well.

Global Architecture

Our solution includes multi-language support capabilities and foreign currency conversion functionality

Our application has foreign currency conversion capabilities and foreign language support. This global capability means that our customers are able to pursue and service multi-national accounts, and locate the right resources anywhere worldwide to support their client’s service needs.

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