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Why use a USB Key, when we’ve got a much better solution!

The key will give you a one-time snapshot of the print environment, but to see any change or track any trends, you’ve got to constantly walk into your customer’s IT department, and ask permission to take more snapshots. What happens when the Network Manager is too busy to say yes?

But with Miracom, with one installation, you have 24-hour, real-time, web-based access to the data you need whenever and wherever you need it! And best of all, we provide you FREE access to all prospecting data!

By simply installing a Magic 1500 appliance or downloading MagicSoft in an account, and then setting the account to “prospect,” you are able to remotely collect and track equipment data. We limit prospecting within any given account to 60 days, but we allow you to prospect free of charge!

You will be able to view device and device location data, including serial numbers, make and models, starting page counts, IP and hardware addresses, as well as duty cycle and page count numbers.

We Can Provide The Support You Need

If you are uncertain how to analyze a print environment or how to calculate the rate you should charge, let us do the work for you.

We can analyze the costs you will incur in managing a client’s print environment We can establish cost-per-page rates and other billing data We provide you with a return-on-investment value proposition to deliver to your client Our analysis is uploaded into a professional sales presentation document for you We can even adjust analysis fields in order to meet your specific revenue, profit, and sales goals

Miracom has a back-end return-on-investment tool that enables us to provide you with a cost analysis report for managing a particular print environment. We then integrate that analysis into a professional sales proposal for you. Our analysis enables you to determine a cost-per-page rate to charge the customer, and justifies, both in hard and soft costs, the savings you can communicate to your customer and the fees you may choose to charge.

Once you install our software in the account, it will begin to gather data. We then take this data, and other information provided to you by your prospect, to generate an analysis report, which is then uploaded to a sales presentation document. We charge a nominal fee for this service, but it may be well worth it if you’re just too busy to close the deal!.

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