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Operational Data

Tracking equipment and consumables is important, but shouldn’t you know how it all impacts your business financially? By integrating service history with equipment and consumables data, we provide you with a more complete view of total cost of ownership, return-on-investment, and cost-per-page data, and unlike other solutions, our data is not based on estimates or industry standards, but on real customer data from which you can make real financial decisions.

Imagine having costs, billing, and gross profit data on your accounts, broken out by time & material, cost-per-page, and even by cost-per-device. We even include cost overages and weighted versus actual costs reports. In other words, we enable you to manage your own operational finances. You can track profit margins between accounts and, for example, if you’re losing money in a particular account, drill down to individual print devices to find out where and why. This is as much a business tool as it is a print management tool.

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