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On-Line Help

Miracom has a very sophisticated On-line Help System which not only explains how to use the application, but also covers business topics that will provide you with insights and solutions for closing deals and meeting important operational and strategic objectives.

The system includes links, cross-links, configuration wizards, and flash presentations to guide you through business, sales, and application training. If you have questions about how to use our tools or how to effectively leverage them in the market, then the answers are more than likely in our On-Line Help System!

We also offer important operational and configuration tips on the home page which is tailored to each of our customers based on prior activity within the application. The goal is to guide the user to components of the application they have not yet utilized.

We’ve tried to make help and assistance as easy, comprehensive, and intuitive as possible!

Why pay someone thousands of dollars for training when the answers you’re looking for are likely in our On-Line Help System, available to you on-line 24-hours a day?

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