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MiraPlus | Print Management & Monitoring Solution

Are you looking for a complete “end to end” print management system that can help you strategically manage entire printer networks? Then the MiraPlus Print Management Program is perfect for you. MiraPlus provides you with complete account management flexibility; down to the individual print device. Whether it’s CPP (Cost per Print), CPD (Cost per Device), or Time-and-material (T&M) … This Print Management Program allows you to mix and match device management requirements based on customer expectations; all within the same account. It may be that some devices are managed under a CPP program and others under T&M; all decisions based on meeting customer needs. We enable real-world management with MiraPlus flexibility!

Online Network and Offline Network Managed Print Services Capabilities:

If you configure MiraPlus to CPP, you get everything that’s in MiraPage plus full access to “ACTS”, our service directory, free designer skins, along with cost, billing, and gross profit data on all print devices and accounts.

When you configure MiraPlus to anything other than CPP, you’ll receive everything above, with the exception of pages printed consumable data.

Don’t let other companies mis-lead you into thinking that Print Management is all about cost-per-page because Print Management is so much more than CPP or meter reads.

A Print Management Solution is about helping to solve real business problems regardless of how your customer chooses to be billed. It’s a solution for all print devices under management; a total solution for you and your customers.

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