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Product and Market Support

Miracom provides extensive technical support, including trouble-shooting and bug fixes, as well as tech-to-tech communication and liaison. We have an in-house development and product support team that can respond quickly to your needs.

We also provide extensive sales and business strategy support to our customers. From direct sales assistance, including customer demonstrations of the application and executive-to-executive discussions, to training and strategy sessions on how to sell and service corporate print management solutions, we are prepared to provide you with the support you need to succeed.

We often participate in or coordinate and lead webinars and conference calls on various subjects, based on customer requests. We also have solution selling experience within the organization, which we encourage our customers to leverage.

If you need advice in how to approach a prospect or how to structure a particular cost-per-page rate, we have resources with the experience to help you meet your operational and strategic goals. We charge no fees for this support, which is provided continuously as long as you remain a client.

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