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Integrated Web Sites

If solution selling is something you’re interested in doing, but you’re uncertain how to begin and what message to deliver, Miracom is prepared to get you into the market immediately with everything you need to sell strategically, beginning with the message itself.

We can provide you with a professional, fully hosted print management website complete with value-added marketing material, all of which is branded with your company’s name, logo, and contact information. Each website is fully integrated into the application, and branded to reflect the Designer Skin of your choice.

From the web site, your customers will be able to access the application to request service, and track the status of service requests, as well as other data to which you grant them access.

With a more strategic solution, comes the need for a more refined marketing message. We not only provide you with the message, we also provide you with an effective way to deliver the message. Imagine having instant access to marketing material and a website specifically designed to sell strategic print management solutions. This can transition you from a service provider into a solution provider overnight!

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