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A Very Easy Solution

There are multiple ways for an application to interact with a customer’s network and the print devices on it. We provide you with two options. One is software-based and the other appliance-based. Both of these options access and store information on a centralized database owned by Miracom — we utilize an ASP model for solution delivery.

The software option is delivered over the Internet to a hardware device that is connected to your customer’s network. We call this option “Magic Soft”. It utilizes a Windows platform, and is ideal for smaller accounts.

An appliance option is one in which the hardware and software come bundled together as a single product. Our appliance is a solid state piece of hardware with software built on a Linux platform, which we call the “Magic 1500”.

Once you decide how you want the software delivered, then you decide what you want to do with the software. MiraPage gives you remote meter reads and asset tracking. MiraPlus also gives you real-time error codes and alerts for proactive servicing; you can also issue service tickets, and more effectively track and manage the service you provide your customers.

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