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Miracom evolved from Compunet Business Systems, Inc., an independent contracting company established by Eddie Lederer in 1986 that developed, sold, and serviced product offerings for the office consumables and print services industry.

In 1999 Compunet formed a joint venture to bring to market a cost-per-page service offering under the name: Miracom Network, Ltd. In September 2002, Mr. Lederer bought out his joint venture partners, and became sole owner, subsequently folding Compunet Business Systems into the Miracom organization.

In October 2002, the company introduced the most strategic solution available in the marketplace, which is now known as the Cost Management Solution. However, it quickly became apparent that many of the efficiencies of the solution were data driven, and the manual process of collecting and managing the data was adversely impacting the company’s margins.

Evaluating market solutions available at the time, it became clear that they were lacking in too many ways to be a long-term viable solution for the company. The functionality of these solutions was limited, the burden on customers to support them was high, the quality of the data and the ability to integrate it was poor, and reports were weak. There were no good solutions that could drive a CPP or Cost Management solution. So Miracom decided to build its own!

Design and development began in late-2002. Release 1.0 was completed in November 2003. Because there were minor but important functionality gaps in the overall product design, the decision was made not to take it to market. Version 1.5 was completed in March 2004, beta tested for six months in live client environments, after which it was taken to market in August of that year at a conference in Chicago. Release 2.0 was introduced at a conference in Miami in May 2005. Meanwhile, the development team is working diligently on exciting new functionality.

Between the completion of Release 1.0 and Version 1.5, the decision was made to take the application to market, beyond Miracom’s own client base. Miracom realized that what it had developed was a robust solution that other service providers could use and would certainly want. So in the Summer of 2003 the company repositioned itself , its resources, its market direction, and value proposition. The print management service portion of its business was spun-off into a separate division, called MiraPrint Services, while Miracom became a full technology company solely focused on developing, selling, and supporting its remote print management application solutions.

Today, the application is being utilized by service providers all across the United States and Canada, with expected growth over the next several months in Asia, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

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