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Data Management

The solutions being provided today by our competitors are primarily meter read and data tracking tools, and not much more. Once you know where a print device is located and how many pages are running through it, then what? How do you become more efficient, effective, and competitive?

Most products on the market today are not designed to manage print environments, ticket for service, track technician performance, enable multiple levels of communication among service providers and sub-service providers, manage alerts and service requests, or an assortment of other service provider-friendly capabilities, all of which reside within our solution.

By integrating all this together into one application, we provide you with a truly strategic approach to print management. Costs, gross profits, and performance data can be drilled down to an individual print device or aggregated to full account reporting. We track all the pertinent data required to manage print as a process, make strategic and analytical decisions on print environments, and provide T&M and CPP billing data.

Ours is the most complete approach to managing print environments more efficiently and strategically. Here are some reasons why:

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