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The Cost of Accessing MiraPlus

Miracom charges transaction fees for accessing the MiraPlus Solution. If MiraPlus is configured to support a CPP account we assess a cost-per-page (CPP) rate. If it is configured to support anything other than CPP, then we assess a cost-per-ticket (CPT) rate. You are billed one or the other, but never both. We also provide volume-based discounts. Our rates are as follows:

Number of Pages CPP Rate* OR Number of Tickets CPT Rate*
1-999,999 *$.00090 1-249 $2.50
1,000,000-2,499,999 *$.00085 250-499 $2.25
2,500,000-4,999,999 *$.00080 500-749 $2.00
5,000,000-9,999,999 *$.00070 750-999 $1.75
10,000,000+ *$.00060 1000+ $1.50

*Big Deal Pricing is available for certain opportunities.

Cost justification is important. Please keep in mind that you are getting much more than just a remote monitoring and asset tracking tool. With MiraPlus, you also have full access to a sophisticated ticketing system; a business intelligence system providing you information on your costs and gross profits; a service directory for national dispatch; ASP support so you don’t have to utilize your customer’s technical resources; service management reports; free designer skins; and so much more!

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