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A Cost Analysis

Comparing technology costs is never an apple-to-apple exercise. Different technology solutions provide different value, pricing, and perhaps even different sales and support obligations. Please keep the following in perspective:

Some of our competitors may give you their solutions free or at a significantly reduced discount. Remember that nothing in this world is free!

In order to access their solutions, you may be required to purchase equipment through their dealership network, or cartridges through their supply chain, or other similar business arrangements that may ultimately restrict the kind of market decisions you can make and the opportunities you can pursue.

Always Equate Price with Value

You need to equate price with value. If all you’re getting are meter reads and the ability to distribute costs, does this equate to what you get with the Miracom Solution? Of course not! It’s important to know what you’re paying for when you compare pricing!

Support costs and requirements are important to understand as well. For example:

These are important questions that can impact the value of the solution, and its long-term costs!

Based on the value you receive, we believe that the Miracom Solution is the most cost effective solution in the market. And successful service providers recoup the cost of our solution through improved process efficiencies and increased revenue, which is all part of the ROI Story!

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