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The ASP Model

A company who hosts, manages, and delivers their application via the Web is often referred to as an ASP (Application Service Provider), The ASP model is in contrast to the traditional you-buy-it, you-run-it model.

Miracom has designed its application for Web-delivery. We host the data and manage the application ourselves. Our technology and equipment is housed in colo facilities that guarantee 100 percent up-time. By employing the ASP model for solution delivery, Miracom provides its clients with access to an application solution without their needing to build and maintain a technology infrastructure.

Our clients get the most sophisticated technology solution available without ever having to invest in databases and web servers, network tools, technical personnel, or any other IT expenditure. It is an easy entry model with little financial exposure.

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General ASP Info (PDF 32k)

An Expensive Secret (PDF 40k)‏

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