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Our Automated Centralized Ticketing System (ACTS) is a ticketing system unlike anything else in the industry. It is an integral component of the application, and is fully integrated into reporting. This means that real-time error codes and alerts trigger automated tickets, that you can then assign to technicians. By doing so, you’ll have the ability to manage service and service-related costs more efficiently and effectively than ever!

Everything you need to manage service is enabled by ACTS:

Tickets can even be issued to service providers discovered through the Service Directory immediately, with no additional paperwork or conversation required. We’ve fully automated the entire process!

And if you’re worried about generating unnecessary tickets, don’t! Because you actually determine what is or is not a ticketable event. We give you the flexibility to make this decision across an account or even down to single print devices. Because we all know that some print devices have different rules and priorities than others.

If you’re not managing service, you’re losing margin!

Endless Support

But what is most impressive about ACTS is that it supports endless levels of sub-ticketing.

Imagine designating a lead service provider in another state to whom you dispatch tickets, who then can dispatch tickets to service providers in the various cities and towns in that state, and then those service providers can issue tickets of their own to other service providers within the various suburbs and smaller communities that surround them, while you retain ownership over the process with web-based access to real-time information on the status of the original service request and the data that follows from it, including service performance and costs!

This means that you can service a client who has multiple print environments around the world. Coupled with our Service Directory, you can now provide virtual service any place, any time. ACTS is a system that provides levels of endless support, and data management. And there is nothing else like it in the market.

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